When Do You Become an Adult?

In Malaysia, a person is legally an adult once he/she hits the 18 year old mark. According to Merriam-Webster as well, ‘adulting’ is an informal form of gerund that is defined as behaving like an adult, specifically to do the things—often mundane—that an adult is expected to do. It’s not a serious word but people are starting to use it often in their speech and text marking the soon-to-be birth of a new word.

So, I’m 97% sure that all readers here have felt or are feeling the intensity and hardship of adulting. As of now, I’m being smack-dab in the middle of adulthood, taking one stroke at a time. Not to say I don’t enjoy being one – it has always been on my bucket-list to complete my studies and graduate – but it can overwhelming at times.

But what makes you an adult, really?

Does it has something to with how your brain and body develops biologically?

Or do you think it relates back to a certain age at which humans are considered adults?

Or does it solely depends on personal development and maturity?

Or maybe how one has way more responsibilities then he is considered an adult?

Or maybe the whole idea is flawed and we are just kids trapped in a grown-up’s body?

When I was in high school, I cannot wait to finish school so I could “adult” and go to college like what I see people do in television shows and movies. The characters look so free and cool, going to classes and driving cars around with their friends.

Then I did. I went to college. Apparently, it wasn’t a bed of roses as what i’ve seen in the movies. I decided, heck no, I cannot wait to finish my studies and get my scroll. Last year, I hit that mark. I am finally a graduate and alumni of my beloved university. Yes, time to find a job and make awesome bucks and become a millionaire. But nahhh, that has not happened yet.

All my life, I look up to adults around me, admiring them, thinking that they have had it figured out.  Little did I know, they’re the same as me. Even now, as a 24 year old, I’m just the same inside. I may have grown in many ways, I am way more knowledgeable and matured compared to my younger days but deep inside, I still haven’t had life figured out yet.

And that’s okay.

I assure you that even when someone is already 56 or even 88, they may not have life figured out as well. Yet, the only thing we can do now is live in the moment, follow the flow and keep on learning.



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