The Disruptive Art of Scrolling and Liking

For many of us, the first thing we do the moment our eyes open after stopping our annoying alarm clocks is to grab our smartphones and went online. 

Your half-blinking eyes slowly open wide as you click on Instagram and Twitter to check out on what you thought you have missing since 6 hours ago.

Then, begins the longest battle of trying to stop your fingers from scrolling mindlessly and trying to get your bum out of your comfortable bed.

Ugh, can you relate?

We have this complicated love-hate relationship with our social media accounts. We want to be “in-the-know” where we fear on missing out on things in other people’s life.

Social media and the internet has created this paradox of urgency and anxiety that is detrimental for our mental well-being in the long run. There’s always this agitated version of us trying to soak in as much information that we can get yet we find ourselves drained and unfulfilled at the end of the day.

This is a common daily struggle unfortunately.

But here’s a question, why are we so engrossed with our social media sites that do nothing but eat up our self-esteem and morale?

It’s definitely a very weird and confusing thing, being a millennial. Our lives have been shifted to an era where privacy is overrated and people gain access to our lives scathingly and unknowingly. In fact, our lives is being consumed and dictated by what we see online everyday.

We are so easy to click “like” or “follow” on a person’s account without any second thoughts, purely on the basis of “Hey, this girl is pretty” or “Wow, those are mad music skills”. There is no real explanation on why we are so engrossed in even the most mundane things in other people’s life. Even worse, we are also guilty of having our most random-est shenanigans imprinted all across the Web.

There is no proper justification for this, we’re all guilty of happily wasting a few hours daily to scroll endlessly in the myriad of posts, videos and photos. It’s definitely weird how people are so open to share these days.

People are no longer afraid to flaunt everything they have (or what they pretend to have).

We want to show the world how awesome our life can be. We want to make us feel good about ourselves. We are prone to think that other people has life already figured out and ours are low in comparison.

How utterly revolting to have this mindset, right?

The truth is, why are we seeking approval from other people? What are we trying to prove?

It’s simple, really.

It’s Marketing 101: Display. The more we feast our eyes on the things that are not ours, the more we compare and crave those presence inside our lives.

It does not happen overnight, it’s a slow yet continual process. No one knows they want something until they are told they need them. It’s called brainwashing. And social media does just that.

Our brains are designed to eat what our eyes feed on. The more we look at makeup tutorials and clothes, the more we want them. The more invested we are in iPhone unboxing videos, the more we want to own it. The more we look at travel vloggers/influencers, the more consumed we are by wanderlust.

It’s not real, it’s fake. The sense of want is only a product of our eyes wondering around. The only way to remain grateful and grounded is to train our eyes to see around us. 

Why focus on everyone else’s when we have our own life to cherish?

Remember this, don’t compare someone’s life trailer to your own original movie. You are the main character. You are in-charge. 

Nadhira Hizwani


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