Importance of Youth Empowerment in Malaysia

Youth can be defined as a group of young people, blessed with lots of potential, strength and enthusiasm that fuels their positive energy. They are avid learners with the willingness to experience new things and be productive in areas which interest them the most.
Given the potential, it is important for them to understand what is youth empowerment, and its’ correlation towards their own personal growth. At the end of the day, these untouched talents will work as the nation’s backbone, and further shape the future of the country.

Youth empowerment includes a collective, democratic and pro-social process of engagement. It happens when the youth from all around the world are assisted to succeed in life. Hence, we would be on the right track if young people are given a sustainable path to support their efforts in fixing their families, communities and essentially, the nation. Perhaps the question now is, what is the importance of youth empowerment for Malaysia?

Development of youth is important in many aspects of the society. However, we must first understand the correlation between education and socio-economic status level of civic and social engagement.


1.Good Education Standard
Being able to pursue higher education (such as holding more than 2 bachelor’s degrees) would definitely drive the youth in achieving more than just any level of education. Instead of just providing them with financial assistance in pursuing higher education, having good education standard would indirectly motivate and enable them to better reach their potential. This would subsequently generate a more knowledge-based driven workforce, which specializes on their own skills and experiences that they could rely on for the coming years.

2.Poverty Eradication & Crime Reduction
Once the nation’s standard of living starts to improve gradually, we could focus more on better understanding our people and have specific programs focusing solely on eliminating the roots of their life struggles such as poverty. One of the ways is to provide them with the adequate means to obtain basic needs such as food and shelter. This could be in the form of job trainings and more career opportunities. It would benefit our country in terms of producing our own local experts, and achieve the status of a high-income developed country. When we are able to provide such assistance to the people, and change their mindset of not solely depending on handouts or external forms of assistance, occurrence of crime would be a smaller issue.

3.Good Governance & Security
In tandem with improving the nation’s standard of living, the country needs to also focus on having good governance within the country. Establish initiatives and movements that encourage nation-building, unity and political participation. A large-scale study on Malaysians can be made to cater to specific programs focusing solely on eradicating poverty. Government could invest more on welfare and security programs in encouraging parents to be better child-providers by providing greater parenting support and care for families. Parents can play their role in showing their support to their children by encouraging them to explore life on their own, and treat them with full respect and dignity to bring the very best of their attitudes in their own child.

In our efforts of empowering youth, these movements could change the mindset on how youth should be viewed or treated, and encourage more youth empowerment initiatives. It would be great to create that sense of security upon them, and to stop discouraging or be negatively critical on youths but to start having faith for the youth in leading Malaysia forward.

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