Things to do on World Turtle Day

May 23rd is World Turtle Day
, a day to celebrate turtles and remind ourselves the importance of protecting them.

Here are some of our activities which we would Love for you to try out:-

1. Get to know some facts on Sea Turtles

Did you know that four out of seven of the world’s sea turtles are found in Malaysia?
Find out more about sea turtles in Malaysia. The Star did a nifty video on this:
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2. Real-time data on Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles lived in the time of the dinosaurs, but their lives are now under threat due to illegal wildlife trade and the impact of tourism. WWF has a snapshot of the status of sea turtle population in Malaysia and the world.
Name, Habitat, Status, and etc, you name it!
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3. Protect Sea Turtle’s eggs at all cost!

There are still cases of tourists stepping on turtle eggs or eating them. Turtle eggs are being sold illegally, but it’s because there is a demand for it. Some tourists are attracted to the exotic-ness of eating turtle eggs.
More on this in these articles:
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4. Protect the Sea Turtle’s Home too!

‘Every minute we dump the equivalent of one garbage truck of plastic into the ocean’.
Garbage and plastic products have been a main cause of death of these magnificent sea creatures.
The UN Environment Programme shows a snapshot of the devastating impact plastic has on sea turtles:
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5. Personal Initiatives to Save the World!

a) When visiting sea turtle nesting areas, be sure to follow the guidelines.
Do not step on their eggs, and do not shine your flashlights on them. Practice ethical tourism!

b) Limit your use of plastics and recycle your waste.
Simple rules. If you plan to Save the Turtle, you are planning to Save the World 🙂

c) Spread the news and educate others.
Pro tip: Share this page on your social media! AND THEN only share your new display picture

d) Get informed and volunteer for all turtle conservation programmes.

The Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia (TCS) is the first not-for-profit organisation in Malaysia dedicated to restoring depleted populations of wild freshwater turtles in the country. Go check out their website for events: