(7) General Tips for Hari Raya

Take it easy on the food
Woah, woah, woah…
Sure you are salivating but make sure to take it easy yea?!
Your tummy might be in shock as you have just finished fasting for a month.

Bring a water bottle filled with plain water

Everyone will be bringing their “A” game into cooking and many will prepare sweet beverages for their beloved guests. Don’t forget to quench your thirst with plain water okay, & stay hydrated.
A bottle of 100Plus works too 😊

Get those pearly whites out

Smile and make genuine conversations with your relatives, friends and loved ones on this blessed day.  Treat it as a day to bond closer with your fam-bam, not just solely for #OOTD .

Take short driving-breaks.
You will spent 60% of your time driving on Raya.
You’ll be driving back home, to your relatives, or even to the nearest store to get some “mercun”.
It’s normal to get exhausted earlier during the day in Raya, so get some rest whenever you can.

Plan your day & manage your time.
As Malaysians, we are trained to do things “On-the-go”, which is a much more polite way of saying we’re “Last-minute kind of people”. Nevertheless, it’s not wrong to at least message the Whatsapp group or call a few contacts just to get a brief update on the plan.
Once it’s done, it will be easier to execute any plans for the coming days/weeks.

Angpow Rationing.

Unlike the Chinese New Year, it has been judged that “Employed” individuals are supposed to give the so-cal “Duit Raya” to their young guests. So yeah, if you are giving out some, we would like to recommend you into splitting them into 2 to 3 different types of Angpow packs and currency. That way, it’s easier to be distributed.

Pink Angpow = RM20  = Favourite Cousins Only
Blue Angpow = RM10 = Close Relatives & Random New-borns
Yellow Angpow = RM5 = Random house guests

Bring along a handy pouch/carrier bag.

Since Raya is going to be hot, crowded, busy, tiring, viral and happening,
it’s no doubt that you might need to bring along your Dettol Hand Sanitizers, Prada Sunglasses, Naphcon A eye drops, Eno, Premier Tissues, Huawei Power Bank, Duit Raya and etc, Riiiigght?
Why not bring all of them in a pouch/bag.

Fixing your reputation.

Ramadhan taught us a few things or two on patience, faith, and etc.
On the other hand, Hari Raya is often associated modern practices such as “Duit Raya” , “Open Houses”, and of course,  the “Mohon Maaf” part.
Yes, it is normal for us to seek forgiveness from the people that we may have intentionally or unintentionally hurt throughout the year.
So yeah, if you’re feeling guilty on some mistakes which were made in the past,
there’s no other better time to fix it except for Raya.
(but not during the First week. Everyone’s busy eating & catching up)


Last but not least,
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri