Quiz – What is Your Workplace Personality?

What are you most likely to say during a team brainstorm session/meeting?

At work, your team is kicking off a huge project . What’s your plan to succeed?

What's your favorite part about your career?

Which word describes you best?

Be honest. Which one of these annoys you the most?

What is Your Workplace Personality?
The Integrator

You are a “people-person”and you live by the motto of “Consensus Rules!”. Being a friendly and authentic person, you love connecting with people through all walks of life. You love being part of a team and are able to bring people together—whether it’s to collaborate and discuss on a new project or to keep conversations going during work lunch or events. You are always ready to listen, understand and value other people’s perspective and stories. In terms of decision making, you are always thinking long-term and contextually. For you, ideas must always be balanced with emotions in order for it to work out. You are also the peacekeeper, you ensure that pointless disagreements, conflicts and debates are stopped before they get too out of hand. Unfortunately — as you tend to avoid conflict as much as possible at your workplace — you sometimes get overshadowed or bossed around by the more outspoken ones. The plus point is, you will always gain the trust of others. Your ability to foster relationships and communicate efficiently is truly valuable for the team and your superiors and co-workers will always appreciate and love you for that.
The Guardian

You’re an organized and a detail-oriented person who values stability and order. Surprises and spontaneity are not in your blood. Therefore, you like to take your time on assignments and carefully think your words and actions through before acting on them. Your aim at work is to minimize risks and uncertainties by working on projects based on tried-and-tested methodologies. You would hate to make such a rash decision only to have the project fail later on. As such, you tend not to speak much in meetings and discussions unless you’re entirely sure of yourself. You also shy away from the unknown which could be holding you back from truly embracing your full potential. However, you tend to be reserved, practical, detail-oriented, and methodical. People rely on your calmness, patience and reassurance as they can count on you to make decisions based on concrete facts and principles.
The Pioneer

Trying out new ideas, being creative and taking risks are what make going to work exciting for you. You tend to be outgoing, spontaneous, adaptable and lively. Being a big picture thinker and natural-born leader, people are drawn to your energy and optimism. For you, work is never a bore nor a dread. Your motto is “Have fun, it’s just work”. You enjoy exploring new and daring ideas; no idea is too far-fetched for you. You are imaginative with your thoughts and emphasize on adventure and freedom. However, these good traits can be a double-edge sword. Your idealist ways of working might be just theoretical if they are not executed with the right logic and plan. Your tendency to rush into things too quickly is also a weakness as sometimes it’s better to slow down and think things through.
The Driver

Your motto for work is always “Bring it on!” as no challenge is too hard for you. You are a competitive person and your eye is always on the prize; you’re in it to win it. Your working strategy is to utilize data and logic to tackle problems as you tend to view issues as black-and-white. People who are indecisive frustrates you because you are efficient and want to get everything done fast. One thing is for sure, you are outspoken and bold. You don’t believe in sugar-coating stuff, people should just say as they please because no one has the time to decode other people’s feelings. Your “can-do attitude” attitude definitely generates momentum among your co-workers but some people may not like your style. People might be afraid of you and as a result, they just stop communicating with you. On another hand, the plus point is, every company needs a tenacious person like you who will lead the company to success with your confidence and leadership qualities. You will definitely rise to any occasion whenever needed and that makes you irreplaceable.

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