Chiongster’s Night Out: (3) Things Ah Boy Needs to Know

Having a night-out with friends could be thrilling – Trust me.
I had the greatest times of my life doing fun activities,
in the cities, islands and even Airbnb trips.

It’s probably one of those things I cherish the most,
and the only thing I treasure throughout my life – actually no,

I treasure my future-wife now even more.

But anyways, time flies , and so does life.
I’ve been through phases and spaces.
Needless to say, these stuffs slows me down.

So now, these memories stays in my head still,

constantly reminding me to begin my day as a pure human.
I left my soul for a cleanse,
and no longer living recklessly, or so I believe.


Yeah, apologies on the foreign term.
I play too much Online Games when I was younger,
And I get caught up with the people I chat with in Lobby.
I didn’t choose the Chiongster life.
Instead, the Chiongster life chose me.

Now that you know, I’ll start with sharing these knowledge with you.
Let it be passed down to future generations.
May everyone perfectly synchronized,
and hopefully be “ONS” for the night.



Knowing your people

Diagram 1.1


First of all, understand the word “Diversity”.

Everyone wants to be different,
which explains why everyone is “SO” different from one another.
We can hate a lot of stuff, but don’t forget to Love.
Respect one another, understand that they are doing their best at what they’re doing,

And they are out there for the same thing as you – having fun.

All I’m saying is that it’s good to know your people first.
Don’t be judgmental, spur negativity in others mind, or create a scene out of small things.
Be open about the people you hang out with,
have mutual respect for the spaces between you and everyone.

Please refer to the Diagram 1.1 above as an example of your “Night Out” Crew

,and refer the list below for things to consider:-

*Blue Ranger – Young & Experienced:
Very Happening, Picky in terms of Lepak decisions, Might be Late

*Green Ranger – So-So Haram:
Doesn’t push the limit, Perfectly fine with Mamak or Bar, No Clubbing

*Yellow Ranger – Didn’t tell Parents:
Has a curfew, Cannot Lepak for long, Ons with anything

*Red Ranger – Insecure BF:
Budget-Oriented, Depends on people who are coming,

*Pink Ranger – Fun but Taken:
Socially Open, Needs to bring BFF, No Cash & Transport,


Practice organized chaos

Diagram 2.1


You might be going out to the neighbourhood mamak,
drinking Milo Ais while waiting for your friends to arrive.
Next thing you know, they wanna drive you to Genting.
If they Onz then how WORH?  You ONS LIAAAOzz?!!


If you’ve experienced this situation before, then Congratulations,
you are on the right track.
You’re really about that Chiong-life,
so praise the lord for blessing you with such exciting friends.

Plans are made for something to look organized.
But executing it can be different, according to the resources you have.
Which to me includes time, people who are around you, the car you’re driving, most of the times, these are the things which you are not in control off.
So, should we limit the fun?
Please Don’t.

Fun is just a word to describe your feelings towards a certain thing.
But if you could master the art of being flexible, even in Chaos,
You will have fun.


*So, in short:-

  • Keep track of your Cash/Card, and Have fun
    No stress in deciding, Go with the flow, Have a “Plan B”,  Expect unplanned issues.
  • Be flexible with Plans
    *Plans Examples:
    – Mamak > Ciao
    – Lepak at Home > Play Pool > Ciao
    – Lepak at Friend’s place > Shisha > Bar Hopping & Ciao
    – Coffee Shop > Grocery Shopping > Ciao

Literally Have Fun

Diagram 3.1

This is the most important factor.
Why? Because Millenials like you expect too much.

I always tell myself that happiness doesn’t come from the things you have,
but instead on how those things are being viewed thoroughly by you.

I’m starting to agree to the fact that people always misinterpret between what’s fun or boring.
This aren’t always true, because my parents had fun collecting stamps.
And you had fun scrolling instagram for 2 hours, right?

So don’t get affected with whoever/whatever that’s holding you back.
What’s important is that you battery is charged to 100%, and you have some love to share.


*So, in short:

– Wear something good, Smell good, and Stay Clean
– Remember God and keep yourself safe from any harm.
– Put yourself as a priority above the rest


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