Durians Ahoy!

It’s that time of the year again! Durians ahoy!


Hello Durian Lovers.


One of the best things of Malaysia is, you got it, Durian lah. Typically, the season is mid-year and you will see them being sold anywhere, everywhere!

I love how you would see these trucks passing by you on the road, filled to the brim with pointy green and brown things. These durian sellers would find a strategic spot to open up their durian stalls – displaying their smelly jewels for all to see (and smell). Some of the more enterprising ones would even sell Durian cendol or Bubur kacang with Durian (types of Malaysian Deserts) alongside the durians.

You can just go to them, sit on your plastic chairs and table, and they open it all up for you to indulge. You’d be surprised how many people even go for this treat during their lunch hours. The perk is the smell you bring back as a gift to your non-durian eating office mates and in addition, your BURRPPPPPP becomes the defining factor. What to do, durian is gassy mahhh!  And, its heaty too. I once got really sick after overflooding my tummy with durians on a particularly hot afternoon.


Durians for Appetisers, Durians for Main Course and even better, Durians for DESSERT!

If you haven’t already tasted durian in the form of deserts such as durian cake, durian tart, durian ice cream, then bro, you’re missing out. It is highly recommended. Here are some mouth-watering durian desserts you should definitely try. Savour them, one-at-a-time.

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DURIAN CENDOL -Photo taken from spoonuniversity.com


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Just like other festive celebrations, where they sell a particular food for the celebration for example you will find lemang (rice cooked in bamboo) with rendang ( slow cooked coconut beef or chicken) by the road sides during Eid (the celebration after the end of Ramadhan), and mandarin oranges everywhere during Chinese new year, similarly you will also find durians extensively sold like it is a festival on its own.

Durian stalls -Photo taken from kimbasliving.com

It is quite a common sight to see random durian pop up stores just outside the carparks of office buildings. Supermarkets too would smell of durians as the fruit section is the first part you often pass by as you enter. Despite the convenience, many do prefer to buy those selling in the trucks by the road side as they are still in their purest forms and therefore, fresh. Some spare themselves the hassle of butchering the durian and would just get the packed ones.


To know more about the durian season this year and the Malaysian Durian tours 2019 (yup, did you know there were such tours? Go check it out!) in all the different Malaysian states, click on this link: Malaysia 2019 Durian Season Guide


Durian Season – Photo taken by yearofthedurian.com


Durian Also Got Class ok

Many of us are unaware that there are over 200+ durian varieties registered in the Department of Agriculture (DOA) in Malaysia. Of course, our champion is the Musang King. To be honest I never cared much or even ask for the name of the durian that I am eating. I can’t really tell the difference except for ‘tasty durian vs not-so-tasty durian’. There are some subject matter experts whose tongues have specialised durian buds would know better. However, Musang King is like the royalty of all durians, mainly because of the price tag it comes with. I was just in the supermarket last week and a mere four pieces of Musang King was selling at over RM100 – wahhhh! It’s like I am eating gold! I wonder if their bowel gas release smell as good. Here’s a good site to find out more about the different types of durians:

Types of Durian by Durians.com

Musang King Characteristics -Taken from durianinfo.blogspot.com

Are there any special durian feasting locations that you know of? Do you have a go-to durian? Any recommendations for shops that has delicious durian desserts? Share with us in the comment section below.

Shah Warma

Shah Warma

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