About Us

Hello and welcome to unLID!

Behind the scenes of unLID is a team of researchers who are interested in what people, particularly Malaysians, have to say. The world is evolving and so are our younger generation. Our youth will very soon become the leaders of tomorrow – reshaping and redefining what it is to be a nation. Thanks to advancements in technology, barriers are decreasing and nothing is unachievable.

In this rapidly changing global society, we believe that there are many ideas and voices out there waiting to be heard –on culture, on life, on politics, on current affairs, on society, on love, and the list goes on. Any and every idea and thought are precious. At unLID, we believe that it can spark other ideas to create positive changes.

Hence, we have created this portal to express and gather little nuggets of wisdom and knowledge. We seek to bridge the gap between young people’s aspirations and abilities. We want to create more meaningful engagements towards moving society upwards and beyond. unLID is a virtual platform where all Malaysians can come together. A place for all to gather, share, ponder, discuss and interact. It is a place for youth empowerment, creativity and intellectual growth. At unLID, it’s more than just sharing, it’s about finding the connection that makes us human through our own lived stories and experiences – collectively enjoying the sweet, sour, bitter and salty facets of life.

unLID is run by a bunch of crazy enthusiastic millennials who are passionate about making every moment count. We promise that there will never be a dull moment with us.

Go on, feel free to explore our site and be lit!


The unLID team